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Cycad Trail

Distance: 4km
Type: Half day
Difficulty: 3/5
Total time: 2.5 - 3.5 hours
Colour on map: Green (where it doesn’t share its course with either the Two Gorges Trail or the 4x4 track)

This is just the one to tackle when cabin fever drives you out of the Stone Lodge for some activity.

It starts off from the parking spot at the Stone Lodge. The steep downhill section shares the same course with The Two Gorges Trail and is hard on the ankles and knees. Take time to notice the abundant cycads and cliffs and look out for Black Eagle and Klipspringer on your way down.

When the downward section reaches the Palmietrivier gorge, the Cycad Trail splits away to the right from The Two Gorges Trail, and follows the upper flow of the Palmietrivier. From this turn off, which is clearly marked, it runs gradually up-hill until you reach the 4x4 tracks just above the sun panels, leading back to the lodge. You will find a rope and make shift rope ladder that will assist you scrambling up a few steep inclines. Do check the ropes and ladder as it might have weakened from exposure to sun and rain. Be careful on slippery sections with water flowing over bare rock. You might have to remove your boots once or twice depending on the water level.

Go slowly and appreciate the versatility of the flora – cycad, fynbos, grassveldt and forest. Usually there is plenty of flowing water unless it is exceptionally dry.

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