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Tierhout Trail

Distance: 6km
Type: Day hike
Difficulty: 5/5
Total time: ~ 3-4 hours
Colour on map: White (where it doesn’t share its course with The Two Gorges Trail)

The Tierhout Trail starts at the parking area for the Black Eagle Tented Camp. Although it is a circular route it is designed to be hiked anti-clockwise only.

Initially it follows a common course with the Two Gorges Trail, up the Kleinrivier gorge. This is relaxed and easy hiking with interesting and beautiful nature scenes for about 2 hrs. There are numerous water and swimming opportunities.

It then splits off to the left(it is clearly marked at this point) and follows a steep climb out of the gorge onto the eastern plateau. This is potentially a dangerous climb and asks for a good head for heights and a fair level of agility and balance. No real technical climbing skills are needed. This scenic climb offers views to both sides from the knife-edged ridge. This section will take about 40 min to the top.

An easy, flat walk follows, crossing the plateau through small shrub and low grass. Look out for Klipspringer, Rooi Ribbok, Bluewildebeest, Redhartebeest and Waterbuck.

A very steep section leads down the Kleinrivier gorge, where it meets up with the Two Gorges Trail again, to complete the circular route. This is hard on the knees and ankles and again asks for balance, agility and a head for heights. Follow the markers meticulously, as it is very difficult and dangerous to get down if you are not precisely on the proper route. Spectacular cliffs and drop-offs force you stop and ponder. This section will take about 45 min.

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