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Riverside Trail

Distance: 4km
Type: Half day
Difficulty: 1-2 / 5
Total time: 2.5 - 3.5 hours
Colour on map: Pink (where it doesn’t share its course with the 4x4 track or gravel road)

This is a very relaxed walk on Kleinrivier, but you will still need good shoes for the numerous spike thorns on the trail. You cross the river a few times which might demand some boulder hopping or you can take of your shoes and wade through, barefoot.

To get to the start of The Riverside Trail, follow the gravel road from the office towards the Black Eagle Tented Camp. Don’t turn left towards the tented camp but follow the gravel road for about 20 metres. The Riverside Trail comes off to the right(clearly marked) as it follows the Kleinrivier River on its meandering way, after it has exited the confines of the gorge. It is a pleasant shaded walk alongside the river, with good birding and game-spotting opportunities. Water might be available, depending on how much rain we have had. You pass the Soetdorings camping spot and if there is nobody camping, you are welcome to relax a bit. Follow the markings as game have trod out many “false” trails that might be confusing. Once you find the bark of an old dead plant just next to the trail, watch out for the rare “olifantspoot” plants on the steep mountain slope to your left.

When you meet up with the 4x4 track turn right, and follow it back to where you started.

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