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Kantiensrivier Trail

Distance: 4km
Type: Half day
Difficulty: 3/5
Total time: 2.5-3 hours
Colour on map: Yellow (where it doesn’t share its course with the 4x4 track)

It is difficult to get to the start of this trail by foot. The best way will be to follow the 4x4 track (very steep) with you vehicle, or on foot if you are very fit. The trail starts off the 4x4 track to the left and is clearly marked at this point. Please note that you must get permission from the manager before driving the 4x4 track.

Initially it zig-zags steeply through grassveldt dotted with cycads down into Kwarkloof, where it becomes a pleasant, shady downhill walk all the way down to the Kantiensrivier. Although the trees are not massive they provide a leafy canopy which amongst others, consists of Kiepersol, Tierhout, Kamassi, Kwar, Olienhout, Assegai and Boekenhout. There might be water in Kwarkloof, but once you join up with the Kantiensrivier, you will most likely find clear running water, unless it is very dry.

The trail follows the Kantiensrivier, upriver for a while, close to the game fence, before it turns right out of the Kantiensrivier gorge. A steepish climb follows as you slowly exit the gorge onto “easy ridge” from where you will have views of the valleys on both sides. Notice the change in flora which now consists mainly of

Aloe arborecens, Guarri, Rhus, Bosboerboon, Buig-my-nie, and many more. Follow the trail, meandering through the thicket vegetation on “easy ridge” all the way up to where it joins the 4x4 track. Once it joins up with the 4x4 track, turn right and follow a short section of the track back to the starting point.

An alternative would be to turn left into the 4x4 track, follow it for about a hundred metres until it ends and becomes a cut trail, leading upwards through thicket vegetation for a while. It then gradually turns right and follows a ridge leading down to the Kleinrivier gorge where it joins up with the Two Gorges Trail.

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