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Cycling/Hiking Trail

Distance: 4km
Type: Short
Difficulty: 1/5
Total time: 2 hours
Colour on map: Dark blue (where it doesn’t share its course with the 4x4 track)

The cycling trail is a pleasant easy hike, or alternatively a short mountain bike route. It starts next to the shed and follows the 4x4 track for a few hundred metres uphill. It then turns off to the left where it is clearly marked. It meanders through mainly

Pappea capensis trees (Pruim bome), Witgat and Guarri, until it traverses quite an unique and dense growth of Aloe speciosa. It then crosses the gravel road, and a little further the 4x4 track. Watch out for Impala, Kudu, Njala, Duiker and Bluewildebeest, as you walk around Uitkykkoppie, with a view down on the Riverside Trail. You then reach the 4x4 track which you follow home.

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